Monday, April 14, 2014

Prince of Lan Ling

I don't recall how I got to this wonderful drama series titled 'Prince of Lan Ling' (Prince of Orchid Hill) Maybe it was between all my obsession with Jin Yong's Condor Series and somehow I remembered I had this soul crush with a supporting character from 'Wind and Cloud 2' 10 years ago. I didn't remember his name but if I see him again, I'd know. So after further research, to my surprise he has become quite a household name in China and rightfully so. And finding out that he had a series with Ariel Lin, I quickly watched the drama series and I. LOVE. IT!!

First off, I thought this would be like a war drama. It is but honestly it's more towards heart tugging romance which is, if done well, would be awesome in my book. Yes i hate cheesy. I only love cheesy wedges.

The title character is played by Feng Shao Feng. Yes, he is the actor whom I have had a crush since 10 years ago. Lan Ling Wang exists in history. Renowned as One of the Most Handsome (READ: BEAUTIFUL) Men in Ancient China, he was also famous as a very great general, undefeatable even. He was also, according to history, very kind and benevolent and cared for his country very much. The problem was that he was so beautiful his enemies did not fear him thus he wore a scary mask in war. Unfortunately he died in his 30s after drinking poison wine sent by the Emperor who was his cousin. This drama series is about and around that, and of course a love story.

For more information go for this review.

I would to say that this series had a good cast. I loved all of them-so perfect in their roles!
Daniel Chan played the third person in the love triangle-he plays Yuwen Yong, the Zhou Emperor who falls for Lan Ling Wang's wife, Xue Wu played by the ever effervescent Ariel Lin. Xue Wu of course is no ordinary lady. She's from a heavenly clan and whoever has her support shall rule. So there's quite some chasing in the story.
Then we have George Hu who plays An De Wang, the brother to Lan Ling Wang. I like his characterization so much. And his character is very very funny and naughty as he often becomes the matchmaker between Lan Ling Wang and Xue Wu.

Han Xiao Dong played by Wei Qian Xiang is also another interesting character. He has a crush on Xue Wu as she is his saviour so he stays by her side. But he's not needy or dependent or sth, he's like a loyal bestfriend. Cool character!! And it helps that he's easy on the eyes too *wink wink*

I can't put it what I love about it because of the shoujo manga-ish or am I that smitten with Feng Shao Feng? But let me tell u sth, I haven't enjoyed a lot of Chinese drama, the last one was 'Fated to Love You' and that was in 2006. But this one made me lose sleep and it's worth it!

Oh and the theme songs were pretty fantastic! My favourite is Ming Yun by Jia Jia but the opening song by Mayday and closing by Della were pretty melodious too!

enjoy the pretty!

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