Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Best Memory (1)

                            If you don't know, when I was in the university, I had to take another language. Yes. I had to take mandarin because Japanese class was full (Japanese was all the rage that time) So three years in UiTM and 2 years in UKM, I was quite enamoured with it. I could at least read basic mandarin. Though honestly I'm really bad with the intonations. Don't ask.

                            Apparently I excelled in my subject that at the end of my sem, I got an A. Which surprised myself because a few native speakers in my class also got As. The best memory was this- my lecturer, Wong laoshi, called me and talked to me. She told me that if I wanted to become a mandarin lecturer, she was willing to teach me and guide me all the way until I got a degree or master in mandarin. I was surprised and touched. Because she picked me and she was willing to guide me. But I had to refuse her because my love for English surpasses my love for any languages and I was, and am into literature. She said ok and she told me to study diligently. Xie xie laoshi. I will always remember your kind words and encouragement.

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