Friday, January 3, 2014

Dhoom 3

So I watched Dhoom 3 over the weekends. Yeah, I'm a hindi movie lover. I've been to cinemas watching hindi movies since I was 16 years old.

To make it short, Dhoom 3 is lousy; the movie suffers from style over substance. Some people might enjoy this kind of populist fare, but I need more soul. Not to say it was soul-less. The soup comes from the incomparable Aamir Khan. His presence in the movie is so larger than life and you can't take your eyes of him. Now, my favourite Khan is Shah Rukh, but arguably, Aamir is the best of the three. is shot


As like the other two preceding Dhoom movies, it's about Jai the 'super cop' and his bumbling sidekick, Ali as they try to capture a genius criminal who has been robbing the Western Bank of Chicago that drives the bank to near bankruptcy. Sahir, played by Aamir Khan, is the perpetrator, in revenge against the bank's thoughtlessness to refuse his father's loan on the latter's Circus establishment, causing the old man to kill himself in front of his 7-year-old son. So the story is about convicting Sahir, who is an accomplished circus master and death defying stunt man.

Now the twist in the movie is that Sahir has a twin who is 'hidden' as a part of the trick in magic, Samar, also played by Aamir. Except Samar is a bit, erm, autistic, which means he's actually superior in circus performance but in everything else, is clipped by Sahir. Samar falls in love with Alisya, Katrina Kaif's character and Jai uses this to create a rift among the sibs.

However, what ever the movie lacked in execution, it gives a good ending, I think. In the end, Sahir turns over all the evidence of his crimes to Jai, if Jai would let Samar go and only blame him. Satisfied with Jai's promise, Sahir jumps from the top of a dam, only to be caught by Samar, who refuses to let go. Sahir pleads Samar to let him go and to live his life with Alisya, but Samar tells Sahir that he promised dad that he would never let Sahir go. So both the twins jump to their death not before i cried my eyes out.

GAAHHH. I dunno. I always expect to hate every suicidal scenario cuz it's stupid but this scene rips me. SIGH. Maybe because they are twins and I have this unhealthy obsession about them. Hee.

 I have always thought about this conundrum of family vs love. How some people could run off with somebody they know in a few days as opposed to their family whom they have lived with for the rest of ther life? It boggles me. If I were to choose between a guy who I like and my family, who will I trust more? Of course the people whom I've known for as long as I have seen the world. So what Samar did was sad, yes. But more than that, he chose correctly though it was a bad decision. I love my sibs and it would hurt me very much if anything happens to them what more if it is among twins? The connection MUST be special and unfathomable.

Ok. Owh and the songs. Mind blowing yaar. My favourite is 'Malang Malang' which means nomad love. Pretty cool eh? It's picturisation is soo gorgeous I had to clap after it ended in the cinema! Videoclip of the song below.

Another is 'Kamli' Awesome too. Katrina dances like mad!

To sum it up, it was a high adrenaline ride, if you are up for that kind of thing. For me, my favorite scenes are between the twins and the ending. Call me sentimental fool but love comes in many kinds.

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