Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am busy, and as busy as you can get. But I do steal time for my hobby, that is watching K-Dramas. I find that without a hobby, life could be quite meaningless and unexciting.

I am following three dramas now-
   GREATEST LOVE- It is about a former popular star, Go Ae Jung, who does her best to survive in the industry and she is pursued by Korea’s top star of the moment, Dokko Jin. At the same time, she has a good relationship with a doctor who turns into celebrity, Pil Joo who actually harbours feelings on her. Sounds mushy but it’s not really. It’s funny and sometimes can be over the top. But cause I’m so into Cha Seung Won, who plays Dokko Jin, I’m all in! and Yoon Kye Sang who plays Pil Joo is also cute in abashingly adorable way. Go Ae Jung, played by Gong Hye Jin, has a nice and warm streak about her, and you’ll like her in an instance because of her humility and sweet nature. Not forgetting the second female lead, Se-ri, played by the gorgeous Yoo In Na is a top female celebity who was in the same girl group with Ae Jung when they both breakout into the entertainment scene 10 years ago. Se-ri seems to harbours feelings for Dokko Jin yet she has a crush on Pil Joo. And oh, she hates Ae Jung. Go figure. GL goes on air every WED and THURS. Watch the opening credit below

LI  LIE TO ME-This one has an exciting plot! A government official, Gong Ah jung, played by the effervescent Yoon Eun Hye, lies to everybody that she is married. But little did she know that her lies has linked her to a third-generation chaebol, manager of the renowned World Hotel, Hyun Ki Joon, played by the very delicious Kang Ji Hwan hehehe. The lies are harmless and totally unwarranted but they both then pursu it and pretends that it’s true to achieve own ends. But hey, I love comedy hijinks, a tsundere male protagonist and a clammy and clumsy yet very true to her nature heroin. I can’t wait for them to fall in love cause it’s gonna be so romantic I tell you tehehe.. The above wallpaper is of both Ah jung and Ki Joon.
ROMANCE TOWN-The title is so contradicting. First-there’s no town. The characters all live in a neighbourhood a la Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives, and Second-Romance...not so much. Not yet, I’m hoping cuz the male lead just hates the female lead. But as they say, it may, or in this case, definitely flip into love. No Seum Geun, played by the beautiful Sung Yuri, works as a maid in the Kang’s family home after the previous maid was dismissed. Unfortunately,  the son, Kang Gun-woo, played by Jung Gyu won, was studying in America when she was hired, and he didn’t know of the previous maid’s dismissal. When he returns, he throws Soon Geum out. because he wants to install the old maid. Soon Geum however won first prize ticket lottery in about 12.5 billion won but she still return to work as a maid because she doesn’t want her gambling-addict father to learn of the money and becomes worse. After that the story is unpredictable but I love it! I love Sung Yuri and I love the subject matter on maids. Don’t we want to know the minds of maids and their solidarity and their personal thoughts?  And I can’t wait for Gun-woo to realize that in the absence of the former maid,  Soon Geum had been the who answered all his calls and letters and to make sure he didn’t feel lonely oversea d’awww

Later...gonna watch the latest eps tehehe

Have Fun!

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