Tuesday, February 15, 2011


                                           Theme from TOEI's 1981 Swan Lake which is actually
                                                         an adaptation from Tchaikovsky Swan Lake piece
A lot of people who knows me would probably not know this. I am a classical symphony lover. I don’t know when it started but most probably when I watched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty AND TOEI’s Swan Lake. I was so fascinated by the music score that I watched both movies again and again. And Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake remains my most favourite arrangement. I profess I don’t know music, nor music scores if my life depends on it (heh) but I adore classical arrangements, especially something that has to do with violins. If I were given a chance to play a musical instrument, it would be violin :)

Alas, playing musical instrument is not allowed IN MY FAMILY-think the infamous dialogue from Ibu MertuaKu, “Shapa itu Kassim Selamat?...”  and you’ll get my drift hurr.

Nonetheless, listening to orchestrated songs are more melodious to my ears. That’s why I don’t often listen to Malay songs. To me they are too simple and utilize so few instruments. Other nations use a lot of musical instruments quite elaborately. Take Hindi songs for example. You would notice the use of the orchestra. That’s why A.R Rehman RULEZZ. He’s a magnificent composer. Japanese and Koreans also use orchestrated music quite gloriously hmm..

I’m not dissing local talents. But we don’t have another P.Ramlee. Now he’s a BRILLIANT COMPOSER and MAGNETIC SINGER. Due to influence from Hindi movies, he composed his songs with elaborate instruments. That’s why his songs are still listened till today. AND YOU ASK THE SECRET OF HIS SONGS’ POPULARITY when you compose only with a guitar or God forbid, POLIPHONIC MELODY!! That’s why Indonesian songs are famous, because they are influenced by Japanese. Nope, don’t quote me, there’s no research to prove it, but when you check the aspirations of Indonesian singers and composers, most of them would say, LUNASEA and L’ARC EN CIEL , etc etc.

OK with the rant. I LOVE CLASSICAL MUSICS but it seems nobody in my family share my interest. They say its blaring blah blah. Sometimes I wonder why am I cursed with these ability to detect melodious tones eheh XP 

I wish one day i would get to attend a CLASSICAL CONCERT. My wishlist is of course the PLAY SYMPHONY. It’s an orchestra symphony that plays arrangements from vdeogames/animation and whatnot. EMINENCE is nice too but both HHHNNNGGG are too far… so for now I could only pacify myself with youtube. Checkout the vid of them below. The firat is Eminence playing my favourite Yuki Kajiura score from Tsubasa Chronicle OST, Song of Storm and Fire and the second is PLAY Symphony playing my FFVII favourite score-One Winged Angel aka SEPHIROTH!! dumdum!

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