Sunday, May 23, 2010

Women have scales on them

Yesterday I went to a pa-tay. and I wore brand new baju kurung (what can I wear we big catss) with nice colors and latest design. Ok, that's what the ppl at the clothes store told me so.. ^^;
      The best part was NOBODY complimented what I wear. well, ok only Mimi told me it was beautiful but the rest were just shrugging me off..
      You know why? Was I unpopular or do I have a buttugly face? NO (last time I check the mirror, I don't)

      I AM FAT and therefore, no matter what dress I wear, I would not be considered beautiful. Hey, it's ok to be a slut, a bitch, and a drab as long as you are small and you don't have flaps or rolls, you are beautiful by the standards of (stupid) common people. And then you wonder why girls become anorexic and bulemic and have gastritis just because they'd rather be run over by a truck than be fat.

Now FAT IS THE NEW BLACK. It's even worse because most people think that you could not help it with your skin color, it's God given but fat people ARE JUST LAZY OK. They should just get up and stop munching! My comment is Tyra's KISS MY FAT ASS!

8 years ago, when I started teaching in my first school, it was an all-boys school. My own brother hailed from that school, and when I told him I was offered to teach there, the first thing he said to me was-" but all my teachers were beautiful and you..."
Oh yeah my bro was and is a jerk till now if u must know lol. So imagine my apprehension and anxiety...

But becoming a teacher is a beautiful thing. The boys were and still are so beautiful with kind souls. I never felt slighted by my boys, even now. I used to think it would be hell, but the kids had only encouragement and kind words to me. They might be naughty, irresponsible and playing around but they never slighted me for my physical appearence. That's why I love teaching. That's why I love my students. They might not know how much I treasure them but in my heart I always pray for them.. TT

Once my friend told me something very nice. She said she asked the form five boys what do they remember most during their form one registration, five years ago. One of them told her-'ms dura in her shiny purple baju kurung'  That statement almost made me cry. I myself didn't remember what I wore but that boy remembered.

Ok, the point is, people, stop judging people based on their size. and women are more severe on their own sex than on the opposite sex. Stop this, and together we can make the world a better place!! 

p/s: people always say I love my old school
MORE than present school. It's NOT, ok. I love
both, but maybe I don't have enough good memories
to go by (with the present school). Besides, women
are more severe on their own sex than the opposite,
maybe that's why..^^

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