Monday, April 5, 2010

Manga Updates!!

Strictly to those who reads manga, this is my personal
review of recent chapters..  ^^

xxxHoliC 204
Since it's already Watanuki's birthday, CLAMP gives us another clue to who Watanuki will be in the near future..
and it's pretty obvious he'll be the Great Clow Reed and Doumeki is Fey Wang Reed *shudder*

  Bleach 397

I love Ichigo's family so I very much enjoyed itwhen Isshin appears and pulls his son away from Aizen. Ichigo must have guessed that his shinigami power MUST COME from somewhere so when Isshin revealed himself to be one, he took it quite well... loved the chapter for the upcoming bantering between father and son..  <3

Vampire Knight 59

I was pretty sad when Ichiru died because I kept thinking what would Zero feel to know his only family is gone..
Matsuri Hino drew a very beautiful picture of Zero lying on top of his twin's grave, capturing his feelings and making me
cry buckets sob sob.. Most of the time, I would love to burn all the 8 books-collection I have when I think of the switch ofprotagonist from Zero to Kaname(as a result of Japan's obsession towards Kaname-Yuki bleh bleh) but pictures like
this made me think

Ouran Host Club 78

Haruhi FINALLY admits she loves Tamaki!!
What a wait!! and now she must tell him!!
I can't wait for Tamaki to find out!!!

FMA 104
Is it just me but are all the good manga are ending? TT FMA's latest chapter has the uno numero homunculus binds the 5 alchemists(Roy, Ed, Al, Izumi  sensei and Hohenheim) who have seen beyond the Gate of Truth and did something to 
turn himself human!! I don't understand what he did actually, my guess is he takes over Truth and become a real person.. 
Now, wouldn't that make him weak and fragile like other humans..?

The Bride of Water God 77

Nakbin, in her wrath, stabs Habaek's eye, causing a very bloody picture. It turns out that Nakbin was the one who cursed Habaek to turn into a boy during the day- well, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I'm just gladit wasn't Soah cuz Nakbin is a biatch and she could rot
in the water for all I care  This chapter explains what actually happened in the first chapter, in which Soah was blaming herself for what had happened. Oh come on Soah, get him back from Nakbin..!!  ^^

Skip Beat 153

It turns out the mean guy the prez asked Kyoko to meet is really Tsuruga. The prez was testing whether Ren could come out with a character that nobody could recognize him as Ren. Too bad Kyoko spotted and knew him rite away ( she loves him that's why :3) and Ren couldn't be nasty to her when she sees her
almost crying.. awwww... Just like what the prez said, "can't blame him though, that's how men in love operate" Spot-on mr. prez!  Now, he's assigning a new task to Ren, what would it be ?

pheww... I L<3VE MANGA!!


  1. Iyaaa...the end of VK's latest chapter made my heart go *doki-doki* XD
    not that i hate kaname , just have an extreme dislike towards him >3
    And yay for Haruhi/Tamaki~~ Poor Hikaru tho D:

    Teacher, do you read Katekyou Hitman Reborn?Or Kuroshitsuji? Or...uh..Dengeki Daisy? |D

  2. desho desho desho..^^
    >I per se x hate Kaname tho he really gets on my nerves.. but yeah, the end of the recent chpter was sweet but the change of protagonist is soooo obvious in VK it made me lose hope of Zero x Yuki so much so I refuse to take any hints of romance between the two. I wish Zero would help solve Yuki's life and get away. that's how disillusioned i am TT

    >Yes, poor Hika-chan but he's too immature for Haruhi.. lol.

    >i'd love to read Reborn or Sebby but i x have time... Dangeki Daisy reminds me of Daddy Long Legs so maybe I'll find time to read it lol

  3. - IKR? XD Zero should just take Yuuki and eloped...or something 8D
    - Yes yes READ IT! >D
    -Btw teacher, do you know about Vocaloid? Or this ? --->


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