Thursday, May 15, 2014

this is FitzSimmons ship

How Do You I Love Thee ? Let Me Count The Ways

I knew it. Ok I didn't. But I did think something will happen. But not this. NOOOOOO

I don't know about the rest of the viewers but Agent Fitz and Agent Simmons from Marvel's Agent of SHIELD are my favourite agents (yes, even more than Coulson). Both agents, bff since college years, he in engineering, she in bio-chem, have undeniable chemistry that they are called SCIENCE SIBS by fans, of course, emulating the SCIENCE BROS tag given deservedly to Bruce Banner and Tony Stark.

I mean what's not to love about them? Both are clever and beautiful and nerdy LOL. But they are so important to one another, they're like siblings-with Jemma (Simmons) playing the older sister. They are each other's strength-they finish each other's sentence and thoughts and they know and understand what the other is feeling. 

Like that episode when Jemma was infected by an alien virus and had like minutes to die? Uh oh. First time seperated from Fitz since they were roped into SHIELD

she decided to jump from the plane (because she would combust. Don't ask)

and Fitz was yelling OMG

And that episode when they were questioned...

Fitz's answer is very sweet

Jemma's answer, however, is straight from my heart

And so in the season's finale, SPOILERSSSSS

They were trapped inside a box, dropped into the ocean. At first they thought they're gonna die but they figured out a way to save themselves. The catch was, they're 90 feet deep, and the oxygen was only for one. WHY? WHY? So in a heartbreaking scene, Fitz told Jemma that she's gonna use the oxygen because she's the better swimmer etc etc. But Jemma refused

And Fitz said "You're more than that " I JUST CAN'T. And he proceeded by saying something that tugged and made my heart ached the whole night

He shoved the oxygen thingy to Jemma and when Jemma shouted "NOOOOOO!" heartbreakingly- damn that girl knows her stuff, Fitz pushed the button on that box and they were out of the box. Of course, 

Fitz is unconscious. Is he dead? Well, almost but he had not received oxygen for some time and Coulson's words were " He will never be the same"

Well for one thing, I'm glad he didn't die because this is Whedon we're talking about. He has killed a lot of favourite characters in his series before (like Doyle in ANGEL) just as a catalyst for the others. And he's very good at creating chemistry and  pain when he separates them (Wesley and Fred in ANGELor Buffy and Angel) I just hope Fitz's character will not be rendered less because come on, Ian de Caestecker is a treasure and Elizabeth Hendstridge is a delight, that it is really strange that my screen hasn't exploded every time they are in a scene together!!

And I'm excited for season 2 because I know Whedon would do something fantastic because it's Whedon! Maybe turn Fitz into a badass or evil OMG I'm taking it too far!

ok. I'll leave with all the pretty pictures of the pretty couple pair.

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