Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Catching Fire pictures

I have no words. The latest teaser is clever. Very clever. Withholding the tournament, it hints on the Tour of Duty done by Katniss and Peeta and we see the glimpse of the revolution. However, not spoiling, I'll just upload two images I like so much from it.

My guess this is when they stop at District 11

Haymitch potecting Katniss during The Whipping

I. am. stoked. Ok, there are also a bunch of 'portraits' released way before the trailer, aptly called 'The Capitol Portraits'. I'll post what I like tehehe

Notice the ray shade on his coat, symbolising his 'grayness-y'?

simpleton outfit

in white, part of the propaganda

looking awesomely regal, the only standing portrait cuz Katniss is NOT LIKE any other

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