Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Affair with Dramas~

since I was young, I have always watched dramas.
Malay dramas yes, at the beginning, but then
I became bored of them-Maria Mariana, Gerak Khas,
Roda2 Jalanraya bla bla.

Form 1 I was introduced to the world of
EXCELLENT WRITINGS.I read Charles Dicken's
Great Expectation albeit the abridged version.

I WAS TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY. It's like the whole of
my 12 years, all that I have read and known were just too insignificant.
Charles Dickens wrote a story so amazing, so different from the thrashy,
school-life, i love you, you love me, then one of us die-Ahadiat Akashah- novel.

That transition made me watched HK dramas, which
was at the pinnacle when I was form 1-5 (1991-1996)
All the best actors in HK come from that time frame
of drama: Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, Lau Ching Wan,
Leung Chiu Wai.

The year 1997 was the start of my university years and
the year JDRAMA took over. Again,
I was blown away with Japan's style of storytelling,
their uniqueness and diversities of genres. I really
learned a lot from JDrama. GTO taught me teaching is a
noble profession that would turn even the nastiest person
into the most dedicated teacher. Love Generation taught me
True Love doesn't Run Smooth, Life is Beautiful taught me
to respect the disabled. Summer Snow taught me Love
Transcends. Majo no Jouken taught me Love transcends Age.
Tengoku no Ichiban Chikai Otoko taught me that Hitsuzen
and we are defined by our choices.

Year 2002 Winter Sonata hit Malaysia and I was also hit.
It was less superior than JDrama but ahh the heartbreak
it gave was worth it. Followed by Stairway To Heaven,
Beautiful Life, Full House. I started working in the same year.

Year 2005 solidified my affair with KDrama. As JDrama
faded away with the more bizarre choices they made, KDrama
stayed faithful, scripts more thoughtful and songs more catchy
than ever. I almost always remember the year by the great dramas
they made
2005-My Sassy Girl Chun-hyang
2006-My Girl
2008-Hong Gil-dong
2009-City Hall
2010-Secret Garden

call me shallow or immature, but i adore drama, and i do hope
my affairs with it would never stop.

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