Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rapunzel-A Tangled Tale

Tangled- I like the title Rapunzel better. What? The boys won’t go and see it because it’s about a girl? I thought boys love any movies about girls as some men told me hmm..

The story is cute, the animation fluid and graceful. The songs have not caught me captive yet but maybe because it’s a bit trendy. I miss those old melodious songs that you could hum till this day. But then again, maybe it’s just me..

Maybe children will gleefully enjoy the movie. Maybe I had too high an expectation. The plot is weak. 

[major spoiler] I know this is a fairy tale, a fantasy, but even in fantasy there must be rules that govern it. Not everything could be solved with magic. The part where Rapunzel’s tear brought back Eugene’s heartbeat-what’s the reason? You must tell me something about it beforehand-like maybe a wise man said that a tear of true love blah blah or something like that. And what’s with Goldie’s short hair at the end? She’s Rapunzel isn’t she? She’s supposed to have long hair. How did her parents recognize her without those fair locks? There must be tons of maidens trying to pass as her so?

Things to think
-Rapunzel was so scared of Flynn the first time she saw him because Mother Gothel told her men have sharp teeth and are evil. It took time for her to be brave with him but wallah, the next day, she spends time singing in the snuggly ducklings inn with a bunch of disturbing thugs. What the-?
-Her hair is so strong she could just tie her hair somewhere and fly around with it and the hair would not break but in the almost final scene, Flynn just cut it with a shard of a broken mirror, dang it.

What I like
-Rapunzel is such a beauty (but a bit dumb). Flynn was ok but we don’t know much about him. Sigh for characterisation..

-The chameleon (Pascal) that Flynn keeps calling frog oh so cute! And Maximus is one psycho horse if I ever see one (love him to bits though) Psycho but he reminds me of Prince Phillips’ horse from Sleeping Beauty-relatives perhaps LOL
-oh oh the floating lanterns are soo magnificent, it’s hard TO NOT FALL IN LOVE under that scenery
-I love the fact that Flynn cuts her hair and then dies to save her. Something different than other prince charmings.

Verdict: Leave your brain when you go for this, unless you have a brain of a 7 year-old. I regret bringing my brain duh. Now, if you excuse me, I’m gonna watch Mulan again and rave at the awesomeness of Mulan’s character..


  1. It is a kid's movie and believe me my daugther of 7 filled in all the blanks and she understands the movie's whys and why nots....I enjoyed it too..its make is a vacation from the real world...I guess you did not truly enjoy this vacation...remember once a man twice a child and there is a child in us all! Don't be too grown up when you critique next is more fun that way!

  2. well, i'm glad your kid enjoyed this.I'm just saying they could do much, much better since Disney has produced much better fare than this. It's like they pour all the money and time on the eyecandies but neglect the plot continuum.. well, at least somebody had fun :)

  3. Hi, I just watched the movie and agree with you in almost all things. About the tear: once Rapunzel has lost his hair (the ''flower''), inside her it only remains the original sun tear. When she cries, this tear fall again, heals Flynn, and then returns to the sun. And about the easy cut hair, I think the human hair is very very strong but really easy to cut. In the movie is really too easy, but wel... is a tale.


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