Thursday, March 11, 2010

When you told me..

Today was SPM results out -day. I met many of
last years students. Some have changed considerably
(more matured and womenly) while some are as
constant as the river.

But one student touched me. She said,
" I really enjoyed your Eng class cuz it was
really fun, and I love it when you taught us
literature-The Pearl. When my little sis asked
me about The Pearl, I explained to her just
like what you explained to us, and she 
enjoyed it very much.."

Oh Gosh, I was really embarrassed when she 
said that but I was also glad that all my
hardwork paid through. I have always made
literature my personal mission, and The Pearl
is an enjoyable and amazing read to work with..

Anyway, kudos to my girls for proving their mettle,
and I hope they would get what they really dream
of. I will write about the SPM results
but not now. Maybe next post :3


  1. hehehehehe ur class is fun lahh miss dura.. everybody said so =DDDD


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